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DBI (1.616) *****

One of the core modules that I couldn't live without. Excellent feature set for relational database access. All viable relational databases on earth are supported. I've been using DBI with Oracle, Postgres and SQLite with no major issues. The user community is so huge that so far I haven't come to a question that a Google search couldn't answer.

DBI (1.56) ****

The standard indispensable core of all things database.

The only minor issue I have is with the DBI distribution packaging, which does seem to be bloating out a little in recent times with some features and packages that might be better in a seperate distributions.

DBI (1.56) *****

I use this module whenever I need to talk to a database. It has excellent documentation, clear examples, and provides a logical interface which makes using it in everyday coding rather easy. I can say that time invested in learning this module is rewarded with an excellent tool and better code.

DBI (1.43) *****

Thanks for this de-facto standard in perl database penetration.

DBI (1.43) *****

Strong points of DBI:
* it's the de facto standard in Perl, focusing database development.
* a unified interface for connectivity, basic activities (and somewhat for capabilities), making it almost-not-a-nightmare to switch between database backends (but then there's always the specific syntax, semantics and concepts of different databases for anything non-trivial... *sigh*)
* it's stable and mature with countless hours in production.
* nice API.
* huge amounts of additions and utilities in the DBIx namespace, built on top of DBI. Not to mention Class::DBI.

DBI (1.40) *****


DBI (1.38) *****

Although it is one of the best developed perl-modules around (IMHO) I think it could use a bit nicer API - the length of the function names makes it error-prone. One solution would be returning (browsable) recordsets instead of a handler. (just daydreaming here)

DBI (1.18) *****

I haved used this version reliably with DBD::mysql 1.2216 and with the MySQL 3.23.52 database under Red Hat Linux 7.2 for over a year.

DBI (1.38) ****

Overall DBI is a great tool. it has brought a consistency to dealing with a whole variety of different databases and the APIs that go with them.

Tried using Proxy 1.30 but gave it away in the end. It was on Digital Unix 4.0f and kept stopping responding after a couple of days. Restarting would work but this was frustrating. Not sure whether the fault was DBD::Ingres or the server but don't really care now as we have moved on.

DBI (1.38) ****

Used with DBD::Oracle without problem.

DBI (1.38) *****

Well thought-out API

DBI (1.38) *****

one of the very best.

DBI (1.37) *****

Excellent; provides all DB interface functionality I need when using Perl.

DBI (1.21) ****

I have one ongonig problem in that the DBI:Proxy on HPUX crashes which is probably due to Net::Daemon not handling client side disconnects gracefully enough. I have to run a cron job every 5 minutes to restart DBI::Proxy if it dies. Installation was difficult (since I am not the DBA) for Oracle, but once it was figured out, the coding was straight forward.

My DBA and SysAdmin both think I have implemented a "BLACK BOX" which they fear, don't trust, and can't seem to get their arms around. But after 1 1/2 successful years of a small production program that works, and with implementations added on for Microsoft SQL on W2K, Linux MySQL and Oracle on HPUX, it is being more widely accepted.
Thanks to the DBI team. I have been very happy with this one and only version I have installed and used thus far.

DBI (1.30) *****

Very complete and mature database framework for Perl.
Well-designed API.

DBI (1.38) *****

A wonderful module.

Using Perl DBI is so much more fun than using Java and JDBC.
It also seems to knock the socks off PHP's database APIs, although I'm going on the PHP documentation rather than actual experience.

DBI (1.38) *****

It's the DB category-killer. Indispensible for any DB work.

DBI (1.37) *****

one of the strongest modules for Perl.

DBI (1.37) *****

Can't live without it!

DBI (1.37) *****

A fantastic module with very thorough documentation and a nice API. As a matter of fact we wouldn't be using Perl for a lot of our projects at work if it wasn't for DBI. Best module on the CPAN? Hmm, top 5 for sure.

DBI (1.37) *****

This gets fives because it is the classic way to connect to any database. You might want to look at Class::DBI for something easier.

DBI (1.37) *****

The DBI is the single package that has made my life easier than any other non-Core module. I learned it once and now use it every day on multiple RDBMS. It is Just Right.

DBI (1.48) *****

Excellent module. Smart and responsive author. There's just no other choice when it comes to using Perl to interface with a database.

DBI (1.37) *****

Excellent module with thorough documentation. The newer versions also have lots of shortcut methods which save a lot of time (and are part of why I'm giving it 5/5 for "Ease of Use").

I dread to think how my code would be if I'd had to write this for myself

DBI (1.37) ****

Fantastic! I couldn't imagine having to do my job without it!

(& thanks for the new ratings system!)

DBI (1.37) ****

A great module.

DBI (1.609) *****

DBI.pm is an amazingly useful module; but you probably already use it and know that.

(how's this for a test review?)
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