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DBD-mysql (4.023) *****

This module is used by many (surely at least thousands) many users but has only 6 reviews? I guess there isn't much incentive to review this module. Shucks, most users of probably don't know it exists as it gets installed automatically by hundreds of applications and just silently works really well for years and years. I've used it in dozens of applications over the nears with nary a hiccup. Many thanks!

DBD-mysql (4.010) ***

Works fine and dandy on my dev box.

I spent a week trying to get it to compile into a working version on production. Never managed.

It's good--when it works.

DBD-mysql (3.0002) *****

Very good.

But lacks mysql_enable_utf8 feature (like pg_enable_utf8) to preserve
the utf8 flag when the data is on the way from server to our script.
This simple tiny feature will seriously increase performance of the
scripts that use UTF-8 and handle it correctly, i.e. convert EACH piece
of data to UTF-8 (and always set the is_utf8 flag, if the data comes
without it). So, being sure that the encoding in which the data is
stored on the server is UTF-8, we would not have to waste time on
flagging the data; we could just set mysql_enable_utf8 to true. But
there's still no such feature. Argh.

DBD-mysql (2.1021) ****

I backed out of this version with Red Hat Linux 9 when I ran into a compatibility problem with MySQL 4.0 and with 3.23-52. MySQL 3.23-54 would not install properly with RH 9 (not sure why). When I backed out to MySQL 3.23-52 (pre security patch :-( unfortunately), I found that there was an underlying incompatibility between GLIBC 2 that Perl 5.6 and 5.8 are compiled with and an earlier version that MySQL 3.23-52 was compiled with. I backed out DBD-mysql to 1.2216-4 which works well with 3.23-52 (oh, did I mention I did this in a RH 7.2 virtual machine running under RH 9 using VMware!).

Anyway, that's not the author's fault, but it is a consideration worth covering in the documentation to make the module easier to apply.

DBD-mysql (2.9002) ****

This is a very nice driver, but needs some cleaning up, some more reliable and simpler builds, and some better compatibility with different mysql client/server versions (that may be more a MySQL issue than a DBD::mysql issue, I don't know).
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