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DBD-SQLite (1.37) *****

I've been using this module for years and it works great every time, thank you!

DBD-SQLite (1.31) *****

What's better than sliced bread? This module.

DBD-SQLite (1.14) ****

A clean and fast db. I remember when "yum" went from something that hobbled to something that worked after switching to sqlite.

No releases for over a year? Too important a technology for that, IMO. A patched up developer release on git or svn or something with a half-dozen maintainers seems appropriate.

DBD-SQLite (1.14) ****

SQLite is a fast and very capable stand alone database. It has transactions, views and subselects. DBD::SQLite is distributed with the entire database engine. That means there are no version incompatibilities and that you don't have to install sqlite first.

This is an excellent module. I use it for every small project that needs a database.

So long, MySQL.

Update november 2007: Took 1 star away because UTF8 issues remain unresolved.

DBD-SQLite (1.35) *****

Small, reliable, very easy to install, minimal dependencies, easy to use, neatly segregated, and very fast. Allows user-defined DB functions to be written in Perl! This module is a benchmark to which other module-writers should aspire. The integration with the already-beautiful SQLite API is sublime, the redistribution of the libs a refreshing change.

What's more, this is one of the very few Perl XS extensions that builds everywhere I use it.

DBD-SQLite (1.13) *****

Indispensable. It just works and it just works well.

DBD-SQLite (1.13) *****

Together with DBD::Pg and DBD::Oracle, DBD::SQLite is a member of my "Holy Trinity" of database drivers.

The three form a very clean upgrade path from "small embedded database" -> "real database" -> "money is no object" and their SQL fairly easy to port between.

Further, DBD::SQLite follows Elaine's Law to the letter "Just make it fucking easy to install". Matt was one of the first people to use the tactic of just bundling the entire C codebase inside the CPAN module, and this has worked brilliantly.

To take this further, as of 1.13 DBD::SQLite now installs flawlessly not just on Unix, but on Win32 as well, so now it is completely safe to use as a cross-platform dependency on the three major (*NIX, Mac, Win32) platforms.

Bravo Matt!

DBD-SQLite (1.13) *****

++ for this module. I develop most (frequently that's "all") of my database centered applications against DBIx::Class and SQLite. Good work and greatly appreciated.

Oh, and of course many thanks for doing it despite of some peoples lack of understanding for the word "contribution."

DBD-SQLite (1.08) *****

I have nothing but praise for SQLite and DBD::SQLite. With this duo, you are suddenly free to use a relational datastore for each, every and any script, however trivial, without all the overhead associated with administrating and managing a database server that would usually keep you from doing so.

SQLite is not the best choice for applications with high demand for scalability and concurrency where a traditional database engine can keep up significantly better; but really, that goes without saying and is beside the point.

DBD-SQLite (1.06) ****

This is one of my favorite modules, not only for prototyping database
applications but also for general purpose single-user applications.
I have a large collection of small tools built upon sqlite that I
rely on all the time.

DBD-SQLite (1.06) ****

SQLite is a true jewel with an unbeatable combination of features, speed and simplicity. DBD::SQLite does an excellent job of making it accessible to the Perl world. The only functionality I miss in the Perl version is the ability to create your own collate functions. But this is a minor issue and easy to work around.

DBD-SQLite (1.06) *****

Excellent! I just "make install" and I have a complete database manager. I don't need to pollute my laptop or workstation with a server installation, I can pass the database files around from platform to platform, and I can distribute SQL-reliant tests without requiring a big scary RDBMS.

I see a lot of personal database applications coming on...

DBD-SQLite (0.30) *****

DBD::SQLite simply rocks. If you need an extremely fast database-enabled application with very few dependencies this is the ticket. I consider DBD::SQLite in my top-ten list of most useful CPAN distributions. I really can't overstate how useful it can be. With blazing speed, rapid development, stability, and reliability, this distribution has it all.

DBD-SQLite (0.29) *****

DBD::SQlite rox! With it you can have a nice and well working DB without nothing extra, unless Perl and DBI.

Well, the 0.29 version works very well, and for now we can see that it's stable in different OS, what includes Win32, Linux and FreeBSD.

DBD-SQLite (0.28) ****

DBD-SQLite is just a speed devil. After noticing that my application's speed dropped 900% with DBD::CSV (and _huge_ ammounts of data), I switched to DBD-SQLite. No problem here. The speed is just amazing.

Great module for people who _do_ need a database, but who don't want to force their users to install packages like MySQL/PostgreSQL (which can be overkill).

The documentation could have been a little better -I always love a lot of examples-, but Google is -as always- your friend. I got a simple test script running in seconds.

I am more than pleased with this module and recommend it to everyone.

DBD-SQLite (0.26) *****

DBD::SQLite gives you the power of a relational database, without the hassle of having to actually administrate it: the modules comes with the data base library nad a data base is stored into a single file. Which means that the install is as simple as typing "i DBD::SQLite" in CPANPLUS, and the administration consists in setting the right permissions on the file. Backups can be done using cp.

I use it for log analysis, data mining... basically every time I would previously have used a big flat text file. It gives me the power of SQL and the speed of database.

I only use it in single user mode though, my attempts at doing concurrent access were not too successful (that was a while ago though, so it might be fixed now).
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