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DBD-ODBC (1.25) *****

DBD::ODBC does what its supposed to do. What I like is that most of the DBI features work as expected with DBD::ODBC.

DBD-ODBC (1.22) *****

Works very well, powerful, reliable and is very fast.

I personnally use it to copy and update data from the database of a mainframe IBM iSeries (so-called AS 400) to a system based on Linux with Postgresql.

On one side I use DBD:ODBC with the IBM ODBC driver and it works perfectly.
On the other side I use DBD:Pg which works nicely too...

What's great with this solution is to do everything with Perl DBI, which makes it easier...

DBD-ODBC (1.16) *****

The only way I found to access MS Access database from Perl script running under Cygwin. Encountered some Unicode related problems on the beginning, but these were almost instantly solved by the package developer. Great job!

DBD-ODBC (1.06) ****

DBD::ODBC makes my job possible. Dealing with MS SQL 2000 is painful through other means, for reasons too excruciating to describe here. It works just as it claims to, and its documentation is honest about where the DBD falls short or is prevented from proper action by ODBC. (Painful example: only one sth per dbh allowed.)

Still, this gets installed on any Win32 workstation I'm forced to use.
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