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D-oh (0.05) **

D::oh a tiny module for redirecting STDERR and STDOUT. It's really not very useful, since it can be replaced with a couple of lines of simple Perl code. Instead, it's intended to be a CPAN joke.

While funny, use of the D namespace is bad form. It should be Debug::Doh or something like that.

The synopsis is wrong. The output it putports to yield is incorrect.

The module has sortFile in it's @EXPORT_OK. Huh? There is no sub sortFile in the module, nor is sortFile employed.

The module unnecessarily imports on File::Basename.

Chris Nandor: It's bad form to rate your own module without saying as much in the review, let alone giving that module a 5.

D-oh (0.05) *****

You know you love it.

(Giving honest criticism about how bad it is misses the point entirely. This should probably be in the Acme:: namespace, but it predates Acme:: by a few years.)