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[This review and rating is of Lingua::EN::Hyphenate, which is a part of Coy. If you are interested in Coy, there is an interesting article here:


I found this module via Google and the following "mystery manual page":

which doesn't seem to feature anywhere in the distribution.

Why? Because I am looking for a way to break English words into syllables. Now, first of all, note that an incredibly simplistic regex,

my @vowels = ($input =~ /([aeiou]+y?|y)/g);

gets you a 71.4% accurate syllable count. Compared to that, this module achieves a result of only 82.9% accuracy. I thought I could improve it, but a very quick look at the horrendously convoluted regular expressions used in the module and I gave up in despair.

Compare this to Lingua::EN::Syllable, which is about thirty lines of simple code (including two arrays of data), and gets a result of 87.6% accuracy. I am dumbstruck that such an amazing array of regular expressions and subroutines as I have seen in Lingua::EN::Hyphenate can give results as bad as this.