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Config-Tiny (2.20) ***

It works and it is small.

The only complain I have about it is related to use it to read UTF-8 INI files with BOM: the module does not seem to be able to read those files, even with some different attempts of passing encoding argument to read(). The module must remove the BOM before running validations in the INI format (see String::BOM).

Documentation could also see some improvements regarding encoding options.

Config-Tiny (2.14) *****

I really like the concept of the ::Tiny modules and use this one all the time. It is ideal for small and/or new projects where the temptation is often to just stick the configuration in a hash at the top of your program. Using this module makes keeping it separate from my code trivial, and with minimum overhead.

Config-Tiny (2.14) *****

Does exactly what one would expect. Brilliant.

Config-Tiny (2.14) *****

This is my module of choice to deal with .ini files.

Config-Tiny (2.12) *****

It's simple, yet has everything that I need - brilliant

Config-Tiny (2.12) *****

easy to learn and fun to use

Config-Tiny (2.12) *****

Simple, easy to use, and just works. :)

Config-Tiny (2.02) *****

This is my favorite configuration module. It has a simple interface and it is fast. I personally prefer INI style configuration formats, especially if they are something that a user is going to edit.

Config-Tiny (2.00) *****

This is a great little configuration package. Simple to use, quick and easy... Love it!