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Config-JSON (1.3.0) ****

This module is a straight forward implementation of a config file object using JSON as the underlying storage mechanism and seems to be implemented competently, if a little cargo-cultish (uses when it doesn't really need to, and has use warnings in the Makefile.PL without making a 5.006 dependency declaration). However since my last review most of CPAN has moved to a minimum 5.006 dependency anyway, so these issues aren't as significant as they used to be.

It also has Java-style method names instead of Perl-style method names, which makes me cringe a bit.

But if WebGUI is happy to trust it as their config system, clearly it works very well. And the documentation has improved substantially.

So I'm docking 1 point for the minor cargo-culting and the Java API, but otherwise a solid module when your project will gain advantages by having the config files as JSON.