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Config-AutoConf (0.310) *****

I haven't used the module, but I noticed it because Math::Int64 uses it, and it worked very well on Windows 8.1 in the Visual Studio 2013 environment. Good job.

I went ahead and installed it. That also went without a hitch. I can't see any reason for the one-star review.

Config-AutoConf (0.20) *

The real purpose is: do one want to rely on something else but perl to install a CPAN module.
This module allows to get rid of the mess that relying on autoconf would introduce (think to OSes like openBSD and its $AUTOCONF_VERSION depdency, to OSes where getting autoconf running is almost impossible like Windows, etc.), and of course without changing a code developped on a box that would use autoconf; identified by the usual #include of config.h.
So go for it.

Config-AutoConf (0.19) *****

I haven't used this one directly but I saw it use in Tie::Ispell and got curious about it.

a Perlish way to get system configuration.