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Compress-Zlib (2.015) **

Although Andy might have been mistaken in his review that the newer versions are using pure perl, I believe he has good reason. I just benchmarked 1.52 against 2.015, and 1.52 is a little more than twice as fast in both compression and decompression as 2.015.

Compress-Zlib (2.015)

[Stale review deleted.]

Compress-Zlib (2.015) *

Compress::Zlib used to be a nice XS wrapper around the zlib library, and it was fast and efficient. Now it has become a front-end to the pure-Perl IO::Compress::Zlib, uses twice the memory, and has almost certainly taken a performance hit. I do not understand the reason for this change, please consider going back to using just zlib.

Compress-Zlib (1.22) ****

I think that this module must be installed in every system (well it may not be a standard module in a perl distribution --but ActivePerl adds it).

Really usefull.

Compress-Zlib (1.22) ****

This module tends to have some features not work on some platforms, and its interface and docs are quite confusing to me. However, it gets extra marks for utility.