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Class-Autouse (1.26)

(Full Disclosure: I am the author of this Module)

This was the first module I ever wrote for CPAN, and now sits at the core of every large API I create. It has dealt with class trees as large as 200-300 classes, and has been flogged to death and tested in almost every way I can imagine.

I highly recommend this to anyone loading lots of large modules they might not use, or loading very large class heirachies.

Class-Autouse (1.12) *****

Class::Autouse lets you pre-declare classes you intend to use, but doesn't actually load them until the first time you invoke one of their methods. This is a clever hack to avoid run-time loading of modules that you might not actually use.

I haven't used this extensively yet, but the documentation is great and it seems like the author thought of all the important caveats.