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Chest (0.082) *

It's concerning that people have been infected with the so-called "Perlish Coding Style" (

The top level namespace was probably a bad move.

I can't see a use for this at all.

Chest (0.082) ***

I disagree with David Cantrell's harsh review. The code is OK, although stylized in a uncommon way. There are some tests.

The Synopsis shows how this can be used as part of a simple internationalization system.

The project could definitely use more documentation to explain what it's particularly great it, but I found it decent and novel.

Chest (0.082) *

Unnecesary, and the code is utter shit.

Chest (0.082) *

This is a trivial OO wrapper implementing the concept called a dispatch table (ie. subrefs in a hash). All of its methods are direct equivalents to a single statement manipulation of a hash, so it hides the intent of trivial code behind an API. You don’t get any added simplicity for that obscurity, but you do get an extra dependency.

The module name is horribly chosen: I certainly wouldn’t think to use “chest” as a keyword when searching CPAN for something like this – assuming I ever felt the need for an OO dispatch table in the first place. It also opens a new top-level namespace… why it needed to, I’m not sure.

At least it has decent docs and a superficial few actual tests.

To make an unnecessarily long story short: stay away.