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CatalystX-CRUD (0.47) *****

I'm pretty new to using CXC, but so far I love it. Having myself many time written code to do the same CRUD operations that CXC does, I cannot express my joy at knowing I'll never have to do that again. Even my most recent reinvention of the wheel, that time as a Catalyst controller, was barely circular compared to CXC. With CXC in place I can use the location bar of my web browser to type a consistent set of commands to my database! And it works for me quite nicely with Rose::HTML Forms, and a number of other web development modules.

CRUD was my first next step after learning basic Catalyst. If there's ever a comprehensive reference for Catalyst published, CXC should be an early chapter in that book.

CXC is THE way to connect your web pages to a database in perl.