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Capture-Tiny (0.28) *****

Great module, easy to install, easy to use - and it does what I am expecting. I am using it to capture the output of a system call (converting pdf-files with ghostscript).

Capture-Tiny (0.22) *****

This saved me from having to write temporary files when using Net::OpenSSH as it only supported real file handles for capturing master_stderr.

Capture-Tiny (0.08) ****

Another very handy little module that takes the hassle out of figuring the various mechanisms of capturing output.

Nice interface, great documentation, very easy to use. But....

Currently it cannot just capture stdout *ONLY* or stderr *ONLY* (while leaving the other alone). I believe this is one of the most commonly requested feature (already in RT). If that feature is implemented, this module deservers a 7-star rating.

Capture-Tiny (0.07) *****

Nifty module to capture stdout and stderr. The very simple syntax

my ($stdout, $stderr) = capture {} ;

feels very natural and you get localization of capture too. The qw(tee capture_merged tee_merged) subs are also practical.

Well written documentation with a complete 'See Also' section.