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Cairo (1.106) *****

This is a full interface to the Cairo drawing library under Perl. It's very nicely done, and everything works just the same as if using the C library. The one criticism I have of this is that the documentation is not clearly organized, and a lot of it is just some kind of printout of function arguments which looks like gibberish to the untrained eye. I guess the authors didn't want to have to reproduce the documentation for the existing C library, or something? I already knew the C version of the Cairo library before using this, so it was easy for me to get going, but someone who looks at the documentation for the module is going to feel extremely confused and discouraged unless they already know what the library does. There are some good example scripts in the examples directory:

so start there rather than looking at the module documentation.

Re the other review, I had no problems at all installing this on FreeBSD. The problem I had installing it on Ubuntu Linux was the usual one where the OS installs the system libraries without the C header files (like "cairo.h"). In this case the Cairo library probably exists on almost any variety of Linux, but the header files might be missing. Just the following is enough to install on Ubuntu Linux:

sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev
cpan Cairo

Here the libcairo2 is already installed but the -dev addition is necessary to get it to install header files. It's not the Cairo module's fault that Linux distributions don't include header files.

Cairo (0.91) ****

An interface to the C library for anti-aliased vector graphics, which nice alpha-layer handling.

Installation on CentOS/RedHat is a hassle: Makefile.PL uses ExtUtils::PkgConfig but doesn't find my Cairo lib in /usr/lib....