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Cache-Memcached-Fast (0.19) *****

I like this module as it does not rely on libmemcached so it compiles and installs easily on Windows (Strawberry Perl) as well as on Debian Linux. I only use "get" and "set" which works fine and fast.

So if you're on Windows, take a look at this.

Cache-Memcached-Fast (0.19) *****

I compared the performance of Cache::Memcached and Cache::Memcached::Fast in a benchmarking test and I determined that Cache::Memcached::Fast was about 6 times faster than Cache::Memcached in my setup.

I just wanted to congratulate the author to this very excellent piece of code and also advice developers to use this package.

Cache-Memcached-Fast (0.06) *****

This is an excellent module. It's between 150-350% faster than the pure-Perl Cache::Memcached, and so far has been flawless as a drop-in replacement on a server with heavy traffic. Good work!