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CPAN-Mini-LatestDistVersion (0.01) ****

For years I have used an absolutely stock CPAN::Mini setup to create and update a minicpan repository on a succession of laptops. That worked quite well, particularly with respect to development and testing of

Now I'm in a position where, on behalf of Perl 5 Porters, I am examining the relationship between Perl 5 blead and the latest versions of CPAN distributions. For that purpose, CPAN-Mini's default setting of "retain the last version of a distro for each author doing a release" results in many different versions of distros such as DBIx-Class which have had different releasors over the years.

So I'm now going to try CPAN-Mini-LatestDistVersion and have added that as the value for 'class' in my .minicpanrc file. As I type, I'm populating a new minicpan repository. The acid test will come when I type 'minicpan' to update the repository and some distro has had a new release from a different releasor.