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CHI (0.58)

The move to Moo is very welcome, but I wish there were an alternative of CHI which is even more lightweight (starts in under 0.01s). CHI::Tiny, anyone?

CHI (0.58)

As of 0.57 CHI is using Moo already which reduces the start up time and memory overhead

CHI (0.56) ****

The DBI of caching. Stop reinventing your caching framework and just use this.

UPDATE 2013-01-16: unfortunately, the use of Moose reduces the usefulness of CHI for command-line scripts (0.2s/146 files/53k lines startup overhead just to initialize a File cache). So 4 stars instead of 5. Let's hope the author migrates to Moo someday.

CHI (0.49) *****

Great module that provide modern and pluggable caching. If you want to use a CHI in a Moose attribute, beware that CHI->new doesn't return a CHI, but a CHI::Driver.

CHI (0.44) ****

A couple of "documented" features are not actually documented, even though they are mentioned. They don't seem to be in the source code either.

CHI (0.39) *****

This is the most comprehensive Perl caching module available. With this module you get a very rich interface and you are always prepared for backend changes. I just dumped my custom caching module running only on Memcached in favor of CHI. I had some issues with Memcached on Windows but now with CHI I can use file backend on Windows and Memcached backend on Linux. And in the future I might like to switch to DBI backend on both platforms. With CHI these backend changes are trivial and can be completed within a minute!

CHI (0.26) *****

Excellent module, does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it really well. It took me no time at all to configure and implement a nicely namespaced cache. And when I realized that the Memcached driver didn't support the clear method, it only took about 2 minutes two switch over to the DBI driver instead. Great job Jonathan!