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CGI-Wiki (0.63)

To clarify for an earlier reviwer. This module was renamed about two years ago to Wiki::Toolkit which *is* very much still maintained. Please do some research before you make a public comment.

Update: In fact the Module documentation itself points out the rename to Wiki::Toolkit with the following

"This module has now been renamed Wiki::Toolkit and no further development will take place under the CGI::Wiki name. Please upgrade at your earliest convenience."

CGI-Wiki (0.46) ****

This is a very good framework for building Wikis. It is database oriented in the sense that the included backends all rely on DBI to handle the storage, so there is no flat file thing.

There is no ready-to-run Wiki.cgi included (which is what I tried to overcome with CGI::Wiki::Simple), but writing your own Wiki is a breeze with this toolkit.
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