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CGI-NeedSSL (0.07) *

why does this module exist? to give longer names to's simple api? and for heaven's sake, why have there been 8 versions of it? cmon now. while i understand that cpan can be the wild west of the perl community, i think one should have more restraint than this when pondering "what code of mine is worthy to upload for the whole world to see?"

CGI-NeedSSL (0.02) *

I don't think this module adds sufficient additional value to merit using. It requires, which already has an https() check built in. It's primary function is just a simple wrapper around that:

sub cgi_is_via_SSL {

return 1 if $query->http('HTTPS');



I believe with, taking action based on whether or not HTTPS is in effect is quite easy:

if ($q->https()) {


It's actually less to type than using the wrapper. :)


could just be:

croak unless $q->https();

CGI-NeedSSL (0.01) *****

This one is mine, of course