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CGI-Application-Server (0.061) *****

The documentation is very sparse, but this is a good module despite that, once you set up your table it stays out of your way, doing less 'clever' things like CGI::Application::Dispatch::Server does, and since most of my deployments are to mod_perl + CGI::Application::Dispatch, this is perfect for my development as it supports passing paths to CGI::Application, CGI::Application::Dispatch or to the file system. The documentation uses 'basic' almost as a negative, but to me, the basicness of the module is exactly what I need.

CGI-Application-Server (0.01) ****

This is a welcome addition to the CGI::Application tool chest, allowing for easier testing and work offline without a full Apache server. Despite the "0.01" release, there looks to be solid tests and documentation and tests for the code that is present, which is already useful.