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CGI-Application-Plugin-QueryHash (1.00) **

I gave this distribution fives for everything but a 2 overall, because I dont' recommend it, at least for users. You could do this instead:

%h = $self->query->Vars;


$href = $self->query->Vars;

It is annoying that gives you back null-separated values instead of an arrayref, but multi-valued params needed be handled speciallly anyway (since they are an arrayref and not a scalar). So, it's easy to just use:

@values = $self->query->param('field')

in those cases.

This would be better implemented as a generic mix-in style plugin for query objects, since it works on with any object with a compatible param method. Doing so would require only a couple of lines of code changes and would make the moodule useful beyond CGI::Application.