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CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode (0.16) *****

This is a nice module. I think it helps with CGI::Application novices. It's a nice alternate way to add_callback() (in import) for adding runmodes.
I still use this module from time to time. Interesting use of attributes. Wonderfully documented.

CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode (0.16) ****

While I like the idea of this module and have used it a few times (and I've never had problems with using it in mod_perl as Mark Stosberg described), it does seem a little fragile and a bit easier to break than it should.

CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode (0.12) ***

This plugin for CGI::Application allows to you skip the step of declaring a "setup()" routine, by making use of subroutine attributes to label run modes instead. I find it to be more concise and clearer as well.

Unfortunately, when using it on amore complex project, I ran into a problems. The first what that it doesn't play well with standard export/importing, but uses its own "Delegate" system to essentially re-implement this. This functionality involves passing an argument to the delegate routines, which I didn't want and had to workaround.

Worse, when I switched to modperl, none of run modes declared this way worked. Perhaps it works for others, but it became clear my own time savings with using this module evaporated, and I took it out of my code.

I love the idea of this module and hope some of the hassles I ran into will be addressed in a future version.