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CGI-Application-Dispatch (2.16) *****

I use this module very often, it provides easy local development (combined with CGI::Application::Server) and installation under mod_perl as it provides a mod_perl handler interface, and as a user, it can be easily used with FastCCGI, or as a regular CGI script. My only complaints are that CGI::Application::Dispatch and CGI::Application::Dispatch::Regex can't be easily combined in the same package, and that CGI::Application::Dispatch::Regex hasn't been updated to support named regex captures, which would remove the need for the names parameter in the dispatch table (at least for Perl 5.10).

CGI-Application-Dispatch (2.16) *****

The previous reviewer just about got it right in my opinion. This is one of the best things about CGI::Application as far as I am concerned.
One gem that is worth mentioning is the "wildcard" rule and that use can rename the parameter that matches the wildcard. This is I feel very useful for building rules that handle multiple web pages.

CGI-Application-Dispatch (2.12) *****

This is a must for CGI::Application, as dispatching with ?rm=runmode is unhandy, inelegant, and not search-engine friendly. This module provides a great dispatching solution.