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Bundle-Moose (0.01) *

WTF is this? I know Moose has beaucoup prereqs, and think some of the things in this bundle are even among them, but then it takes a detour to crazy-town and installs all kinds of unrelated modules. I suppose that it will work with any CPAN client, since it installs Moose, but it is really just a poor reimplementation of Bundle::CPAN.

Bundle-Moose (0.01) **

- Does not list what version of Moose it is providing dependencies for.
- Does not list how these dependencies were determined. e.g. What does common::sense have to do with Moose? Where does this dependency come from?
- This would be better written as a generic CPAN meta-tool that traversed the dependency heirarchy for any named dist. I don't want to see an explosion of Bundle::Catalyst, Bundle::DBIx::Class, etc dists on the CPAN.