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Bundle-Everything (0.06) *

"This probably won't actually install, but it's cool anyway."
-- The documentation for Bundle-Everything

If that's the only reason it's there, then it's a silly waste of space.

Bundle-Everything (0.041) *

Useless and outdated.

Bundle-Everything (0.041) *

Not just a silly distribution (who would want to download all of CPAN indiscriminately? It's over 15,000 modules), but a nefarious one, as it pollutes search results.

Together with the 2005 'Catalyst', this module should be removed from CPAN.

Bundle-Everything (0.041) *

This is pointless cruft that clogs search results. It might be novel
and "useful" if it managed to use up to date CPAN metadata to build
its list, but instead it is hard-coded and out of date... Not that
there's any good reason to install all of CPAN anyhow (without your
own local mirror at least).
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