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Audio (1.029) **

Audio::Play builds, but doesn't pass its tests.

Several tests give this warning : Name "Audio::Data::AudioVtab" used only once: possible typo at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 213.

I poked around and couldn't find anything I could fix.

The load.t file fails to load its file; I opened in the snd editor and it seems to be fine.

May I recommend replacing the file handling with Audio::SndFile which is a very complete, working interface to the libsndfile libraries, which gets you access to nearly every audio file format in existence?

Audio (1.029) *

The Audio::Data and Audio::Play modules don't seem to be actively maintained. I can't get them to compile on Linux, only on BSD.

Audio (1.029) *****

Very good work and simple use

Audio (1.029) *

The generic name "Audio::Data" suggests generic functionality, which this well-documented and cleverly-written module does not supply:
single stream audio makes it useless for most day-to-day applications, and the outstanding tickets (from 3 to 12 months old) do not offer much hope for future development.

Perhaps this module should be renamed "Audio::Data::Mono" or even "Audio::Data::Mono::$OS" where $OS is whatever architecture it does compile on.

'Audio::Data' is a great idea - perhaps there's a band of able and willings out there who could take it on as the major project it should be.