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Archive-Zip (1.37) *

Version 1.37 is broken.

Prevents the creation of OpenOffice / Libreoffice documents via the Perl OODoc modules. (Archive-Zip is required for this)

Bug summitted but not addressed.

Version 1.30 works.


Archive-Zip (1.30) ****

Archive::Zip works well, and is easy enough to pick up. I've just written a working program within 10 minutes of installing the module, and that included reading the documentation.

I wanted to run a substitution over a file that happens to be in a zip archive. Archive::Zip made this straightforward, and saved me from having to mess around with temporary files.

Archive-Zip (1.20) *****

I found this module while looking for something to remove all the shelled out commands in my company's Perl libraries.

I installed and tested several different modules and this one was by far the best overall of what was out there. It had very few perquisite libraries, is well documented and relatively easy to use.

For those interested here are the results of my analysis:

Average of 1000 iterations on
SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-36 sun4u sparc
2 900 MHz processors
Direction Module Type Time (sec) Rank
Compression Archive::Zip FILE => 0.11629628 1
Compression Shell (none) FILE => 0.17349542 2

Decompression Archive::Zip FILE => 0.03031522 1
Decompression Shell (none) FILE => 0.07159088 2
Decompression Archive::Extract FILE => 0.15945464 3

Compression Archive::Zip DIR => 0.05345272 1
Compression Shell DIR => 0.09564458 2

Decompression Shell DIR => 0.0692545 1
Decompression Archive::Zip::Tree DIR => 0.09451872 2
Decompression Archive::Zip DIR => 0.15231116 3
Decompression Archive::Extract DIR => 0.1797614 4

Archive-Zip (1.18)

1.20 Tue 5 Jun 2007 - Adam Kennedy

- Removing dependency on File::Which due to public outburst of flaming

on cpanra(n)tings by H.Merijn Brand. Try a simple email next time. :(

- Embedding an entire copy of File::Which inside the tests instead as

an alternative to compensating for the lack of build_requires.

Archive-Zip (1.18) *

1.17_03 Sat 16 Sep 2006 - Adam Kennedy

- Adding dependency on File::Which to deal with problems on systems

that lack zip and unzip programs. This really should be a build-time

dependency only, but ExtUtils::MakeMaker lacks that capability.

This makes the module completely uninstallable/useable on systems where File::Which is not installed, and doesn't need to be installed as those problems do not exist!

Or make it *optional*, so that systems that would profit from it's availability can use it when available.

As I have no intention to install File::Which, for which I see no reason whatsoever, I'm going to stick with 1.16

Archive-Zip (1.16) *****

Makes zip file manipulations of all kinds a piece of cake. The only drawback I've ever found with this module is extracting an archive tree when running in taint mode.

Archive-Zip (1.16) ****

I needed to create and extract zip files, and was able to do this relatively easily using this module.

The only downside is that I had to study the manual a bit. Thinking of the contents as "member" objects (rather than files) is a little off-putting but it didn't get in the way. Especially since some accessorts are for "files" rather than "members"--I don't understand the difference.

Archive-Zip (1.13) ****

Best way to handle Zip files from Perl.

Archive-Zip (1.10) ****

Manage ZIP files easily. It took me fifteen minutes from "I need to put that directory tree into a zip file" and I had a working solution.

Good synopsis, good FAQ.