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Archive-Tar (2.10)

Sadly there is not a single perfect Archive::Tar::* module out there. Either a module offers incomplete API, (was) buggy, or it is crippled/limited in some way. Plus, the modules are mostly incompatible with one another. And that's why TIMTOWTDI.

For the task of just listing files in an archive, for example, it seems only Archive::Tar and Archive::Tar::Wrapper are usable. Archive::Tar is a core module, but relatively slow, and extracts all contents of an archive in memory so it's not workable for huge archives.

Archive-Tar (1.36) *****

Archive::Tar is a must have for anyone who needs to automate or improve the management of your tar or gzip-tar files. It is well-documented, works nicely, and has all of the features I need when dealing with archives for most of my projects.

Archive-Tar (1.26) *****

Archive::Tar is one of those modules that you just use and never really think about. But it's a really an amazing workhorse. It does it's job quietly and with no fuss whenever you need it, but behind the scenes it handles all the obscure, diverse and weird "enhancements" that so many different people have added to the .tar format.

And unlike many other modules in areas where there isn't a lot of chance for closure, it is actually maintained well.

Kudos Jos

Archive-Tar (1.09) **

A bit frustrating. I could see no attributes updating, i.e.
you can replace_content, add_files, add_data, but nothing to say
change the mtime when updating the archive- an obvious task for incremental backups.
The compress didn't seem to work (i.e., no file size reduction
on using the 1 -> compress values- I install all dependent modules).
It could not produce gzip format that my redhat fileroller viewer could

Archive-Tar (1.07) *****

It will be nice if you can bundle a "tar" program that Makemaker can use for "nmake dist" under windows. I' m currently archiving the resulting directory by hand (by a perl program actually)...

Archive-Tar (1.05) ****

I've never been fond of this module. It's always been buggy. But it gets the job done when nothing else would, and Jos has improved it significantly.
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