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App-cpanoutdated (0.20) *****

I love this. I upgraded my Catalyst and after that my project wouldn't start. So I decided to try upgrading everything.. piping cpan-outdated to cpanm (App::cpanminus) did all the work for me! Seriously.. cpan-outdated | cpanm --sudo -n (-n if you just don't care about working modules but like speed), go make yourself a burrito, come back and voila! Everything worked after that. A huge thanks to the author for this amazing module.

App-cpanoutdated (0.18) *****

Absolutely essential module to keep on top of the many different modules one doubtlessly has installed.

I use it with perlbrew and cpanminus, and the three of them together make the task of managing and updating your perl environment trivial.

App-cpanoutdated (0.14) *****

Found this to be a perfect method of handling all the updates on my system. Works very well with Catalyst and DBIC cpan modules - handles the Moose deps perfectly.

thanks for this excellent work!