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App-Rad (1.04) *****

It's a superb module, easy to use and customizable making writing scripts easy and fun. I sometimes combine it with Pod::Usage and override the sub help { pod2usage(1) } to provide better usage message with examples

App-Rad (1.04) *****

Much preferred over App::Cmd and its java-style.

I did my app with a single file script though I used fancy tricks to override default behavior. Easy to understand and extend.

App-Rad (1.04) *****

Interface and documentation is clear, with App::Rad and Net::Server I quickly created a network daemon. Also see App::CLI, App::Cmd, CLI::Framework, but App::Rad is easy to use and easy to understand. :)

I think that in App::Rad we need daemonizing, writing PID, changing UID as built-in commands...