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Apache-SimpleTemplate (0.05) *****

This is a delightful introduction to the use of templates and mod_perl to create dynamic web pages in which boilerplate parts and even perl-generated data can be dropped into a web page on the fly.

I am also evaluating Mason and the Text::MicroMason CPAN distributions, but once I got mod_perl 1 installed this lightweight little module let me get started immediately doing some cool things.

The markup is minimal but the power of Perl is all right there waiting to be dropped in. It's a little like PHP, but it seems much easier to use this approach than to hand-code each mod_perl handler per page or per directory.

The error messages generated in the usual Apache log files are first-rate.

It hasn't been updated in about two years, but it's on the fifth iteration of bug-fixes and tweaks so it seems to be stable.

THANKS to Peter Forty! -- Dave Baker