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Apache-ConfigFile (1.18) ***

Nate, if you are now recommending folks use the newer ApacheFormat, please state so in your module's documentation!

Apache-ConfigFile (1.18) ***

This module works ok, but the better, newer Config::ApacheFormat is more suitable. In fact, it has tons of contributions by the author of Apache::ConfigFile itself; ie, me.

I'm not sure why the Mark complains so much about lacking a write() method. In real life, this is rather useless, and a database app or revision control app is better suited for maintaining human configuration details.

Apache-ConfigFile (1.18) **

I was able to parse my config file easily enough with it, but the ability to write files is missing, severely hampering the usefulness of the module. Considering it hasn't been updated since 2001, I'm not going to hold my breath. It also doesn't have any real automated tests.

I'm currently evaluating Apache::Admin::Config as alternative which at least appears to have the ability to write files includes a test suite as well.