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Algorithm-AhoCorasick-XS (0.03) *****

In my tests, this module ran about three or more times faster than a regular expression formed using list2re from Data::Munge, and it gets the same results as Algorithm::AhoCorasick, so I would say this is a useful contribution, but the namespacing seems rather odd. It may be early days for this module, but I don't understand why this is called Algorithm::AhoCorasick::XS since it does not make any effort to implement a similar interface to Algorithm::AhoCorasick. This does basically the same thing as Text-Match-FastAlternatives except that, unlike that module, it covers the fairly obvious usage cases of telling the user the actual results obtained.

One other point to make: at the moment this seems to fail a lot of testing on CPAN testers but it installed correctly on my setup.