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Acme-Tiny (0.003)

Acme-Tiny (0.4) **

That module is not tiny at all. It wastes one full byte (that's 8 bits!) by not using an integral version number.

Acme-Tiny (0.4) *****

This module is clearly not Tiny, it used lots of memory *AND* cpu during the installation process by loading both strict and warnings and running code in ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It followed by running 4 completely unnecessary tests (and loading the insanely resource heavy Test::More module, you could almost fry an egg on my motherboard!). Thank god I didn't have Test::POD or Test::Pod::Coverage installed or it might have started a fire!

If this module were *truely* ::Tiny, it would not have bothered to install itself at all!

Also note that the author used a lib/ directory adding an additional 63 bytes to the .tar.gz file. People, come on, disk space is not free!!!

5 star rating, but only for the reviews, not the module itself.

Acme-Tiny (0.4) *****

This modules leads the way in joke ::Tiny modules.

It makes all the others look like amateur whinging fools by comparison.

I approve.

Acme-Tiny (0.4) *****

Finally, we have a ::Tiny Acme module. :-)

Acme-Tiny (0.4) *****

5 stars for p***ing people off. It's an Acme module, afterall. And an excellent example of one, too. If you don't like these modules, just don't include the namespace in your personal mirrors.

Acme-Tiny (0.1) *****

An excellent example of Tinyness

Acme-Tiny (0.3)

[for 0.3] once the PDO was there:

Thank you David, at least Mr. Cantrell gets it.

The rest of the neigh-sayers might want to re-read the 'DESCRIPTION' and the sub headings under it, namely:

'This module is stupid'

'What it might be useful for...'

'I still think its stupid'

'Why don't you spend time on useful stuff instead of this kind of junk?'

[for 0.1] hopefully you might have caught:

Whoops, forgot the .pod file in the manifest, its uploading now, My bad.

Please, wait until you get the POD to comment or vote please. The POD explains everything...

[Jonathan Rockway]

You complained about Acme::Tiny and bashed me, even insulted me for it but:

- Nothing::Tiny isn't even ::Tiny, version '1' uses warnings and our().

- you complain about my POD but at least it has benchmark results, ::Tiny information, etc

- You didn't use Acme:: for a goof off module

Perhaps if you read the detailed POD you might learn something. Also your comments are neither accurate nor useful. They also serve to discourage people shopping for languages from using perl, nice work.

[Earle Martin]

Did I do something to offend you or something, whats with all the road rage?
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