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Self-congratulatory twaddle. What on earth the author thought he was doing by writing it in the first place, let alone uploading it here, I can't possibly imagine.

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glad to hear you're going away. bye!

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Dear Simon,

being a superior programmer, you have given much advice to me and others. You have released a tremendous amount of work to the public via CPAN. But is it really necessary to... present your work and yourself in such a way as you do by releasing this document by the means of CPAN? I wouldn't normally write this in a publically visible place, but then again, I guess that is what the document provokes. I could think of a million more modest whilst more effective means of giving a history of your contributions to CPAN.
Start by offering the essay on your web page. If you feel the urge to, link it in the documentation of your modules.

Other than that, Sam Vilain summed up my feeling about this very well with his Ghandi quote.

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Superfluous, boastful and vain. The first sentence in the PODs is just plain off: "I have just released my 100th module to CPAN, the first time that anyone has reached that target."

Personally, I don't see the achievement in that. Only a fraction of those modules was thought out well enough to justify a CPAN release. Other than that, it stands to reason that it's not possible to maintain and give support for that many modules. If you don't do that, you haven't released a module. You've just thrown some code out into public.

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It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the

-- Mahatma Gandhi
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