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Acme-JAPH (0.03) *****

It's an Acme module, people!

It does what it is documented to do, and it's no worse than many of the other ridiculous Acme modules.

And why are we rating Acme modules anyway? Are we trying to help people browsing CPAN pick the best Acme module for them? WTF?!

Acme-JAPH (0.03) *

What a waste of space!

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ****

I thought it was funny

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ***

It's a joke. Not a very good one mind, but a joke.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) *

Further support for the zero-stars ratings option.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ***

What really, really scares me is that it took three releases to get to this point.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ****

While the module is totally silly, it is an Acme module.

Acme-JAPH (0.02) *

A good lesson in how to pollute the CPAN.