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ANSIColor (2.02) *****

Saves all that tedious mucking about with escape codes. Recommended.

ANSIColor (1.12) *****

If you ever wondered how to use colours in the terminal in order to highlight information, look no further than this module. It accomplishes it in a portable, easy to use way with a convenient interface.

Some case studies I did:

1. - colour the summary line of the test results.

2. - colour arbitrary regexes in log output.

ANSIColor (1.12) *****

I love adding color to my xterm. This module makes it so easy with print! Xterm coloring + the power of perl == Supremeness! I'm so glad I didn't have to hardcode the xterm coloring escape codes!

ANSIColor (1.11) *****

An excellent little module. Good interface, well-documented. A quick demo:


use Term::ANSIColor;

@colors = qw(black red yellow green cyan blue magenta);

foreach $fg (@colors) {

print color("bold $fg") . ' Hello! ' . color('reset');

foreach $bg (@colors) {

$bg eq $fg ? print color("white on_$bg") : print color("$fg on_$bg");

print ' Hello! ' . color('reset');


print "\n";