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Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::FromXML / Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-FromXML (1.02) *****

This module was just what I needed to make complex spreadsheets
reports out of my various xml sources.
Just had to write some XSLT to put everything in one XML document
of the FromXML type, three lines of perl (including comment and use
lines :-) and voil�. Just brilliant.

One thing that is not immediately clear from the doc is how central
is the FromXML.dtd file. Furthermore, it is not installed anywhere
from the default make install, so one may well overlook how cool
the whole thing is :-)

Finally, a bit of advice for Windows users: in case some cells
of the Excel file are hard to import into Access, just open it
with Open Office (or Excel, mind you) and save it before importing it.