Reviews by Vladimir Timofeev


Moo (1.000005) *****

This module allows us to use the best practices inspired by Moose, for applications that are very critical to the speed and memory usage.

Encode (2.44) *****

Should be.

DBD-Pg (2.17.2) *****

Required module... Actively used in production.
Big thanks to the authors and maintainers!

Has unique features, as:

* savepoints

* async mode

* arrays

Perl-Tidy (20090616) *****

It's very good module! With it I do not waste my time on formatting.

DBIx-Class-FrozenColumns (0.09) *****

Good if you want many data columns without touching db schema.

Storable-AMF (0.52) *****

Fast and simple. I like it.