Reviews by Vipul Ved Prakash


URI (1.37) *****

A wonderful module that should be used in all code that deals with URIs and *must* be used in code that deals with URIs as entered by users or extracted from a document. I've seen too many problems in too much code that could be avoided simply by doing:

$uri_str = URI->new($uri_str)->canonical->as_string().

Bloom-Filter (1.0) *****

Bloom::Filter is a great implementation of a brilliant concept. It's fast enough to use in production settings with large datasets. You can store the object with Storable after adding items to it - and load it up anywhere for lookups.

Lingua-EN-Sentence (0.25) ****

Excellent sentence splitter - robust on poorly formed text and quite fast. I am processing gigabytes of data daily with this module.

XML-Twig (3.32) *****

This is the first XML module that makes me want to work with XML and related formats in Perl. It parses large documents in linear time as promised and provides a simple, yet incredibly powerful interface. XML::Twig is significant achievement - as almost everything else on CPAN for parsing XML goofs the performance / interface complexity trade-off. Highly recommended.