Reviews by Ross Attrill


Marpa-R2 (2.064000) *****

Marpa-R2 is a brilliant piece of software. I had previously avoided language parsers as I thought they were too complicated.

However Marpa-R2 is extremely easy and clear to use and is perfect for creating Domain Specific Languages. I have had great success with this.

The support through the mailing group is terrific.

Email-Stuffer (0.006) *****

Email::Stuffer replaces Email:Stuff but uses the newer Email::Sender infrastructure underneath.

This is the simplest and easiest way that I have found to send emails - with attachments.

Net-IMAP-Client (0.9501) *****

This is a great module. It is the best IMAP client that I have been able to find on CPAN. Key benefits are:

* A good quality synopsis and good documentation
* A small number of dependencies (unfortunately the same cannot be said for most other IMAP clients on CPAN)
* Works well - with a well designed interface.

Template-Mustache (v0.5.1) **

This looks like an early prototype.
Couldn't get to work due to unclear documentation.
Reading the code didn't make this much easier. Mechanism for defining template location looks overly complicated and not fully implemented.

Net-Stomp (0.45) *****

Minimal dependencies - straightforward - fast. Nice piece of software.

DBIx-DataModel (2.28) *****

I have begun using DBIx::DataModel in my data access layer and I am very happy with it.

The biggest advantage is that results are returned as simple lists of hashes making it easy to debug and work with results.

The API is very straightforward and clear. The fact that column names are not remapped to attributes makes things simple and easy.

The documentation is clear and comprehensive. A larger cookbook would be helpful.