Reviews by John Chain


App-Fetchware (1.008)

I think this is an interesting package and does scratch some people's itches. The document seems complete and to cover everything.

WWW-Mechanize-Firefox (0.70) *****

For the webpages containing rich Javascript, this module is essential for serious web scraping. Thumb up.

Inline-Octave (0.31) *****

I tried Inline::Octave today for my research data analysis. This module has failed in test phase but I installed by force. The failed case is about 'islist' in octave is undefined. This is true for octave 3.x and above I guess, at least there is no such function in Octave 3.4.3 which is what I am using.

I have used Inline::C before so I understand how great the idea of Inline module is. As the author said in, this module gives you the best of both worlds! I just hope the original author can polish this module out of the alpha phase to make it more stable. TIA.