Reviews by Nick Logan


Acme-PrettyCure (0.1.3)

DR-Money (0.02)

I'm not sure what the purpose of this module is. All it does is turn basic math operators into confusingly named methods, but somehow this is supposed to be better for currency?

For example (from the docs):
my $money = Money(1.23);
$money = $money->_sub(1.22);
$money = $money - 1.22; # the same

edit: I guess DR:: is his personal namespace, so it should be thought of as Acme:: and pointlessly ok?

Flexible-Scripting-Tools (0.03.4)

Guy is just trolling with his releases now.

Ez-Tf ( *

Would you hire the guy that wrote this?

perl-println ( *

Would you hire the guy that wrote this?

RGB2HSI (0.01)

Whelp, just spam everything into the base namespace fuck it!

Text2URI (0.3001) *

It seems pretty silly to drag Moose into something so simple. It also seems pretty silly (and self promoting) to pollute the base module namespace to do what a single liner can accomplish. It is essentially a wrapper around Text::Unaccent

smokebrew (0.38) ****

My attention span hasn't allowed me to run smoke tests until I found smokebrew. It essentially takes care of all the boring details, and just works. Documentation is excellent.