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XML-Smart (1.5.4) *****

Great module! I have tried XML::Grove to generate XML and XML::Simple to load, but when I saw a review of XML::Smart in a IBM web site I tried it and is exactly what we want.

With XML::Smart we can install it easy, since it's self contained, unless the Object::MultiType module that was made for it by the same author. But we still can parse XML files with XML::Parser, or use the 2 other parsers that came with XML::Smart, one to parse XML with pure Perl and the other to parse HTML, or wild XML, as the author says.

To generate XML is easy, we just need to use the object like an ARRAY/HASH reference in Perl. Also it will handle binary data and unicode automatically. About XML::Smart forgot to keep the elements order, I haven't found problems with that, seems that from the version 1.5+ is everything fine.

To load XML data is simple, you just point the file or the data, and we can access it like: $xml->{root}{foo}{bar}, but we don't need to care about the value be inside an ARRAY or HASH, soo, we also can write $xml->{root}{foo}{bar}[0].

Well, XML::Smart will make almost things automatic when working with XML, actually with it we don't need to know much about XML to use XML, and this is why I give it 5 stars in everything. I just don't know why we don't see more advices to use it, maybe is because it's a new module compared to the others.