Reviews by Todd Wade


SVK (v2.2.1) *****

I absolutely love svk. For me git is quite a bit too clunky. In my opinion, git makes stuff complicated for the user to make things easy for the branch manager.

Svk gives you all of the branch management features needed while the users stick with a familiar interface. In some cases, I just use svk for the branch management and the users continue using svn. They don't even know they are using a svk managed repository. NICE!

Gave it a 3 for documentation, but it definitely has everything you need to get started. It has a lot of dependencies and can be what some people call one of those tricky modules to install. But if you are a CPAN expert you'll have no trouble.

If it wasn't for svk my days would be a lot longer. Thanks svk team!

Mail-Box (2.084) *****

I usually do web apps, but a client threw a .dbx file at me that needed some manipulation.


Did it on windows and compiled the app with PAR. Worked flawlessly.