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HDB (1.0) *

Why this module is trying to fix a problem worthy of fixing, it's not the first to do so. Nor is it the second, third, or forth. More importantly, this module should not be a top level namespace.

Net-DNS-IgnoreVerisign (0.01) *

As the Net::DNS maintainer, I must advise people to not use this module. It makes several assumptions regarding the internal workings of Net::DNS. Changes to those internals (which could happen at any time) would break this module.

Unix (0.02) *

Firstly, the name is simply horrendous. The functionality of the module has almost nothing to do with UNIX. Proc::Pipe::Simple would be a better name. Secondly, releasing a new version of a distribution without updating the change-log is a pet-peeve of mine. Third, nay-saying your critics in the documentation is at best a faux-pa. The reviews of this module have more than one good comment on how to improve it, they should be listened to, not rebutted.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ****

While the module is totally silly, it is an Acme module.

Regexp-Profanity-US (0.6) *

I think it's very odd that this module doesn't use the interface provided by Regexp::Common. Regexp::Common provides a very easy way to add additional regular expressions to %RE with the pattern function. The interface this module uses is difficult to understand at best.

HTML-Mason (1.22) *****

HTML::Mason gives you not only a great templating system (with OOish features like inheritance), but a full web application framework. A wonderful module that can easily do large enterprise sites.