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DBD-Pg (1.40) *

The error str (below) appears to indicate a broken quoter() as when
I manually quote instead of relying on variable binding I have no
such problem. I have two colleagues who have reported the same
difficulty with this version of a module that I have used since
Edmund Mergl first offered it to the Postgres community. :-(

1.21 works and so I reverted back. As I am not the first person to
report a serious bug I am wondering why 1.40 is the most recent
patch level on CPAN (???)

Here is the stderr from apache (I have no root access and cannot
do much more troubleshooting on this box):

DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column "log_date" is of type date but expression is of type character varying
HINT: You will need to rewrite or cast the expression.