Reviews by Tina Müller


Vroom (0.37) *****

If you want to setup a presentation quickly and only want to show text and code, then you should definitely try out Vroom, even if you are not a regular vim user.

You can also define custom vim mappings in your ~/.vroom/vimrc, for example to display an image.

Geo-IP (1.35) *****

Well documented, efficient implementation.
The free database you can get from maxmind is already pretty good;
if you happen to need the more accurate database you can buy it and
just replace the free database; no need to change the code.

Math-Expression-Evaluator (0.0.6) *****

well documented, easy to use, and it offers optional optimization

Text-Textile (2.03) *****

This module is easy to use and works like expected.
The docs are detailed.
The only thing I miss is documentation about how to subclass
because this seems to be the only way to add your own tags/change
tags. Subclassing and overriding seems pretty straightforward,
but it would be nice to have something in the documentation,
also to ensure that it will still work in a newer version.

edit: sorry, i got the ratings the wrong way =( i updated it now

Catalyst-View-HTML-Template-Compiled (0.16) *****

can't say much more than it just works =)
just plugin into catalyst and you're done.
documentation is a bit short and could offer a small
example for a configuration file.

Class-Accessor (0.25) *****

Nice module =)
It's easy to use and it is not overfeatured.

I personally recommend the use of the follow_best_practice method.

template (1.11) *

I can't find a description of the template syntax or a simple
working example.
Module name is lowercase, this is bad.
Module name is almost the same as (Can this
work on Windows, for example?)
There is no testsuite (except the usual test created by h2xs).
I don't see any comments about the status of the module.
I don't see comments about what this module makes different/better than
other template modules.
I don't see strict and warnings. Unless your cpan-nick is dconway
or such, you should be using strict and warnings.

All these things together tell me: Don't use this module.

Suggestions: The name should be changed, so that we have first-uppercase and an own namespace.
We need a working example and a decent testsuite.

Kwiki (0.38) *****

I installed kwiki the first time today, and got it running in half an hour or so, including installing required modules.
This is great!
I just broke my test wiki by installing Kwiki::Archive::Rcs and Kwiki::Revisions, the recent_changes site is loading and loading... So I believe there
are still things to fix, but hopefully I'll get the site up and running...

edit: got Kwiki::Archive::Rcs and Kwiki::Revisions successfully installed.