Reviews by David Wheeler


PerlIO-gzip (0.19) *****

I was using IO::Uncompress::Gunzip and IO::Compress::Gzip to process gzip'ed log files, but it was slow, taking about twice the time to process a file as `gzip` took on the command-line. So I switched over to IO::gzip and that doubling of time went away. It's just as fast as running on the command-line. Incredible! I'll be doing all my gzip file processing with this bad boy from now on. Thanks for a great module, Nick!

version (0.53) *****

colin murtaugh's review is inappropriate, being a criticism of Module::Build (one that has since been fixed, BTW) than of version.

This is a great module. It does exactly what it says it'll do, and makes managing version numbers a breeze. I highly recommend using it as a best practice for all Perl projects.